• 27 FEB 13


    3D-CRT (Three Dimension Conformal Radiation) is a radiation therapy technique that sculpts radiation beams to the shape of a tumor. This is ideal for tumors that have irregular shapes or that lay close to healthy tissues and organs.Using this radiation technology, we’re first able to view a tumor in three dimensions with the help of image guidance. Based on these images, we then deliver radiation beams from several directions to the tumor.Matching the radiation dose to the exact dimensions of the tumor allows us to deliver a higher dose, while limiting radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissues.





    1. More favourable depth dose distribution with an improvement of the field homogeneity in the midplane for mantle techniques by a factor of 3 without the use of compensating filters.
    2. Change of the maximum from 4 to 12 mm depth and thereby better skin sparing and greater dose tolerance of the skin and subcutaneous tissue.
    3. Up to 10 times less penumbra.
    4. Increased and stable dose rate of approximately 250 rd/min.

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